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It’s intimidating to write another post after a few months silence round here. It feels like this post should be something epic and profound, but really I can’t think of anything.

Life is exciting, things are changing, cogs are turning. I feel like I’m starting to tap into the dream, taking risks and going where I want to be. Next year is going to be an adventure in exploring what makes me tick, and what I want to do with this fleeting time I’ve got on this earth. I’m going to run a marathon, write a book, seriously downsize the stuff I own, snowboard heaps and ultimately take off to live and work in Europe for a while.

My desire to write simply refuses to die, despite seriously neglecting it over these last few months. I plan to change this is by throwing myself at some crazy goal like writing a book (I’ve got a few ideas floating around, more on this another time), and by blogging my way through life as it all unfolds. That means that next year my blog will look a bit different. It’ll be more random as I write about the stuff going on in my life, and the lessons I’m learning along the way. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more personal, as I write more for people I know to keep them in the loop with the adventure I’m living. As I said, I’m excited about all that next year will bring, and can’t wait to get into it!


Stop for Beautiful Things

How often have you seen anyone stand simply gazing at the clouds? When was the last time you spotted someone sniffing at flowers on their way to work? If you’re anything like me, you never see it, and the thought of becoming that person is a scary one.

If you want to appreciate the beautiful things around you more, though, there is one intimidating obstacle to doing so. You have to stop. Sure you can live your days with fleeting glimpses of a world of beauty and splendour. But I dare you today, that if you see anything remotely beautiful, if you catch a glimpse of something that makes you think ‘thats nice,’ just stop for 10 seconds and enjoy it. Let your thoughts dwell there for a few seconds. I can tell you now that if you’re stopped on a busy footpath staring at a flower growing in a crack in the pavement, 10 seconds will feel like a long time!

Embracing Influence

Yesterday I wrote that fame is simply a byproduct of doing something you’re passionate about. That is, seeking fame for the sake of fame won’t get you anywhere, you’re better instead to cultivate a few things that really stir you up.

But I think that is only part of the story. I’m also of the opinion that the way you react to increasing influence will largely determine how far you go in life. It is possible to do something that you are passionate about while still keeping it hidden from others around you. Certainly if fame is a desire you have, it isn’t enough just to do something you love, you also need to be comfortable sharing that passion with thousands of people. And that is easier said than done.

As an example, I consider writing a passion of mine. And yet I could very easily spend my life writing poems and journal entries that no one sees but myself. The thought that thousands of people will read what I write is scary. It is at this point where my reaction to the influence I have will dictate how far I go with it.

Fame is a Byproduct

I’ll be honest, I’d like to be famous one day. Not the type of famous where any little detail of my life appears in womens magazines around the world. I think about fame as simply being an influence to people other than people I know personally, and I would like to be that to thousands, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of people.

I’ve often wondered, though, whether fame in itself is something to desire, and to work towards. Is it a goal that should be set and aspired to? I was thinking about this the other day when I made this realisation: Fame is simply a byproduct of doing something you’re passionate about.

Fame is a byproduct…not the product. To become famous for something requires a lot of work, commitment, and energy. None of these things will happen in pursuit of this vague idea of ‘being famous.’ Without a burning passion for the thing itself, wanting to become famous is a waste of time.

I’m often tempted to dream of the end result of being famous. Having random people emailing me for advice, being asked to speak at conferences, getting to know other people who’ve written books and are doing great things. The problem with all this is that if I lack passion for the advice I’m giving or the subjects I’m speaking about there is no way of getting to that point. And even if I did somehow get there, would it even be a lifestyle I’d enjoy?

Just Start Writing Already!

I have plenty of questions and doubts about this blogging business. Will it actually change anything? Will I be able to last the distance or is this blog doomed with the same fate as my previous forays into the blogging world? Is it too geeky? How fancy do I make it? …And the list goes on and on.

The simple fact is, however, that I think and dream a lot about writing. It’s a passion that just doesn’t seem to die, no matter how little I actually write. I want to write, I just don’t know what.

And so, dear world, here is my first blog post. I’m now beyond caring about how many pictures to have, what widgets to have on the site, who to tell about it etc. etc. I need to write, to develop my voice, to put this passion into action. I’m not too worried about the aesthetics of anything around here yet, that can be developed later.

It occurred to me that on big famous blogs no one ever goes back to see what their first ever blog post was about, and that is a relief to me.